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maw man fuck it im deleting

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it sounds bad but i’m just over everything that’s fandom-related and i need to focus on life and college in general. bye guys. idk though should i delete it though? or leave it up?

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im quitting tumblr

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One son who wants the throne too much, and another who does not want it at all.

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who here knows how to dismantle a security camera

everybody on here always acts like some criminal mastermind when in reality 40 of you guys told me to smash it with a rock and at least 3 told me to seduce it

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Tom Hiddleston’s reactions to compliments and fans. [x]

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4x01 and 8x01

Sam’s explanations for the state of the Impala on the various occasions that Dean comes back from the dead.

various occasions that dean comes back from the dead.

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